Madiha (li.) während des Stadtrundganges durch Wlodawa.
Madiha (li.) wäh­rend des Stadt­rund­gan­ges durch Wlodawa.

Madiha (D), 15 years old, writes:

Thurs­day, 12.10.2017:

 “We spent the day in Wło­dawa, a little town near our hou­sing. But I was won­de­ring why there was almost not­hing going on. It was the middle of the day, the wea­t­her was nice, but hardly no one to see. As the Polish girls told us how alive the town is and how many fes­ti­vals there are, I could not believe it. 

Espe­cially after we left the cinema and were on our way to the buses, I noti­ced the silence. Maybe I was too emo­tio­nal after the movie about Sobi­bór, as if you could not get back in your ever­y­day life. But maybe nobody really lives in the town any­more, because it was mostly inha­bi­ted by Jews, who were depor­ted. And who wants to live where inno­cent people lived who were pro­bably mur­de­red? For me it would not be pos­si­ble to live with this thought every day. So time really seems to stand still there, but why did the group show us such pic­tures? Was I too over­whel­med from my fee­lings and thoughts or did we visit the town just on the wrong day?”