Elvira with her sisters


Die Erzählerin Elvira mit ihren beiden Schwestern Margit (li.) und Betty (re.) Aufnahme von 1942
Die Erzäh­le­rin Elvira mit ihren bei­den Schwes­tern Mar­git (li.) und Betty (re.) Auf­nahme von 1942

Élvira puts on record in 1975:

“In August 1944 I was selec­ted for the Frank­furt air­port camp (Wall­dorf), along with other women, inclu­ding both of my sis­ters — Mar­git and Betty.… The camp was loca­ted in a forest. It con­sis­ted of about 5 shacks, and an office and kit­chen buil­ding. The shacks were made of wood, one-storied. About 30 — 40 girls were put up in one bed­der with 3-story bunk beds. … I was in one of the two blocks in the back. In order to get there from the entrance you had to pass the washroom shack.”